• Why Civillita?


    Find the right products and materials you need for the job.

    Good quality at a good price. We search and negotiate for you.

    Save you time and money,

    Free you from the frustration of spending hours searching online and negotiating

    Shop in English or Chinese. Phone for help. Fapiao and invoicing in Chinese.



    For various reasons, foreign art teachers are often frustrated explaining to their school administrators what materials he or she needs; and the school administrators often have trouble to understand why one product is not the same as another..


    Civillita School supplies are presented in professionally translated English and Chinese to avoid misunderstanding caused by language




    Our School Value Packs include most of things you need for a specific grade group. Materials are carefully selected for various students grades by an experienced international school art teacher. You may always add extra items to your shopping cart or ask us to create a Value Pack specific to your term needs..

    It saves the valuable time of teachers, helping them focus more on their courses other than material purchasing.


    Easy to Use

    The forms, brochures and online sales materials and procedures are prepared in both Chinese and English , it is easy for purchase decision-making when both Chinese and English speakers are involved in the process.,

    • the decision maker who approves the purchase.
    • the art teacher who requests a purchase.
    • the administrator who make the purchase.  
    • the finance department  who make the payment.

    Value Added

    Teachers and administrators are happy as they can find what they need easily, administrative procedures are met and the working environment is smooth and contented.


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